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Monday, February 22, 2010

Capturing more than smiles...

Some people call this life style photography, some people call them the in between shots. Whatever you call them, these are the shots that melt your heart. I truely believe that the best pictures are the ones taken when you forget that there is a camera around. When you get so caught up in your moment that nothing else matters. It is then, that true art is made. These photos really capture the emotions of the subject and can't help but elicit emotional responses from all who view it! Of all the gorgeous posed photos I have ever seen or taken, nothing can take my breath away like this! This is why my husband and I belive that it is more than just smiles...

A daddy taking care of his new baby.

A shared smile.

A precious hug from your baby girl.

A mommy playing with her daughter.

A loving grandma consoling her beautiful new grandaughter.

These are the moments that melt your heart... the moments when nothing else matters... the moments when you realize it was worth the effort. It is at this time, that you see just how blessed you truly are. These are the moments we live for!


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